June factsheet | Algo – algorithmic trading

June factsheet

“Algorithmic Trading Portfolio recorded a -0.52% decrease in value in June. A small loss was incurred in trading almost all asset classes. Bonds (-0.2%), metals (-0.11%) and energy (-0.1%) were the most negative sectors. The situation is similar when considering the results of individual futures. Most instruments recorded a small loss. Significant negative returns were achieved in trading gold (-0.06%), coffee (-0.05%) and the Dow stock index (-0.05%). Some money was earned from trading Euro (+0.08%) and cocoa (+0.03%) futures.

In global markets, after a strong rise a few months earlier, major global stock indices slowed in June. In the United States, the Dow and S&P500 grew by about 1.7-1.8% each. Only technology stocks grew at much faster pace, increasing the value of the NASDAQ index by as much as 6%. European stock indices also recorded gains in June. DAX grew by 6%, Euro STOXX 600 by almost 3%. Optimism in the markets would seem unexpected given the declining trends in global COVID infections. However, key US and European economic indicators are slowing the pace of decline or are even showing a gradual improvement, thus bringing optimism to the markets.”, – commented fund manager Dr. Aistis Raudys.

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