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December factsheet

“The subfund M wrapped up the year of 2018 with a profitable month of December earning +0.24%. During this month the results of the fund were visually different when compared to general market tendencies. S&P 500 stock index fell roughly -9% while the algorithms in our portfolio trading S&P 500 made a profit of +0.15%. Entire stocks asset class made a minor loss of -0.18% which was mostly affected by the loss in NASDAQ 100 (-0.23%). The poor performance of the stock market was not a unique sight during December. Bloomberg Commodities index fell -6.9%. ATP algorithms trading commodities were successful in coffee (+0.17%), gold (+0.09%), Brent oil (+0.07%). All of the commodity sectors traded by the fund were profitable: agriculture (+0.22%), metals (+0.11%), energy (+0.07%). Bond market showed the best results during December. This statement applies to both market in general and ATP subfund M (+0.48%). Algorithms were able to profit from the rising interest rate products prices. The only significant negative result was produced in Euro futures (-0.46%). Despite the losses in Euro futures during December and January, it still was the best performing instrument of the year 2018. Lately mean reversion strategies are performing fairly well. However, other strategies in the portfolio behaves poorly and brings the whole performance down. We update the portfolio regularly, but in the January we plan to do a more significant change. This adjustment will take into consideration the whole results of 2018 and the problems we faced during this period. We hope that the results of the fund will return to a standard level during 2019.”, – commented fund manager Dr. Aistis Raudys.

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