August factsheet | Algo – algorithmic trading

August factsheet

“Algorithmic Trading Portfolio ended the summer with a gain of +2.75%. Trading was successful in all asset classes during August. Most of the earnings were gained from bonds (+1.74%) and metals (+0.52%), with slightly lower profits from currencies (+0.21%), stock indices (+0.15%) and agricultural products (+0.1%). Looking at individual instruments, 30-year Ultra US bonds (+0.61%) and gold (+0.32%) performed best. Algorithms also worked profitable when trading Euro bund, 30-year US and Long-term British Gilt bonds (+0.3%, +0.29% and +0.28% respectively). Wheat (-0.15%) and cocoa (-0.1%) can be noted as the instruments that performed worst this month. No doubt the world’s attention is still focused on the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Although some could have expected that the hot summer months were to slow the spread of the disease it is clear now that heat did not help. The number of cases worldwide has already reached 25 million (up from 10 million in early July). It seems that some regions of Europe are already approaching the second wave of the disease. Economic indicators continued to improve, albeit at a slower pace than in May and June, thanks to lifted lockdowns and easing restrictions on the spread of the disease. In this context, investors felt safe, with almost all major global stock indices rising (MSCI World +4.6%) and bonds falling (Barclays Global Aggregate -0.2%).”, – commented fund manager Dr. Aistis Raudys.

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