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October factsheet

“Algorithmic Trading Portfolio lost 0.21% in October. Negative monthly result was mainly due to unprofitable trading in bond instruments (-2.88%). Monthly loss was somewhat offset by profits earned from trading futures of the metal (+1.45%) and energy (+0.81%) asset classes. Looking at individual futures, the best performers were copper (+0.60%), natural gas (+0.49%) and the FTSE 100 stock index (+0.33%). The biggest losses were from 2-year US (-0.80%), Long-term British Gilt (-0.56%) and Euro Buxl (-0.37%) bonds.
During October, world equity markets had a slow start. However, throughout the month stocks gained momentum with main US stock indexes reaching new highs. This was mostly supported by strong Q3 results, with more than 80% of companies beating earnings expectations. Looking at the energy sector, price of crude oil and its derivatives continued to rise. The situation in the gas market also remains tense. Among other raw materials, copper showed higher volatility.”, – commented fund manager Dr. Aistis Raudys.

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