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December factsheet

“I would like to wish investors and everyone interested in Algorithmic Trading Portfolio fund a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope that this year was great for you and I would like to wish you a wonderful 2020 as well. 2019 was good for ATP subfund M. December brought +0.77% increase in fund’s value, contributing to +13.65% yearly performance. Except for two trading sessions in the middle of the month the fund earned stable profits throughout December. Best performing sector was bonds (+0.51%). Stock indices (+0.22%) and Agriculture (+0.18%) were also profitable. The only asset class that lost money in December was currencies (-0.2%). The biggest share of profits when looking at individual futures came from 30 year Ultra T-bonds (+0.4%). Coffee (+0.15%) and CBOE Volatility index (+0.14%) earned profits as well. The fund managed to avoid any significant losses from a single instrument. Only British pound (-0.13%) performed noticeably negatively.
World markets continue on the same track. It looks like it became like sort of a tradition for US stock indices to break all-time records heights every month. This happened again during December. Good results of US assets draws upwards stocks of other world regions too.”, – commented fund manager Dr. Aistis Raudys.

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