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October factsheet

“During October Algorithmic Trading Portfolio subfund M earned +0.82%. The fund did not encounter any significant losses during this month and earned most of its profits throughout the third week of October. Good performance was mostly influenced by successful trading of bond (+0.78%) and agriculture (+0.33%) asset classes. Stock indices (+0.15%) and metals (+0.14%) were slightly less but still profitable. Only meaningful loss reducing overall monthly performance was taken in currency (-0.53%) sector. Among individual futures the biggest profits were earned from Euro Buxl bonds (+0.51%), coffee (+0.19%), gold (+0.17%) and 30 year Ultra US bonds (+0.16%). Considerable loss came from British Pound (-0.21%), Australian Dollar (-0.15%) and Euro (-0.10%) futures.
Throughout this month we saw signs of easing geopolitical tensions. Which meant that October was a good month for stocks. Riskier assets outperformed fixed income markets. It seems that a small breakthrough was reached in the US and China trade wars. This meant that stock indices once again tested their historical heights. S&P 500 rose around 2%, DJIA gained close to 0.5% and NASDAQ returned even more than 3%. One more extension to the Brexit deadline was agreed between the UK and EU. The new deal inflated the British Pound’s value when compared to other currencies.”, – commented fund manager Dr. Aistis Raudys.

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